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Irene #4 received a thoughtful review from the folks at Comics for Grownups. You can have a listen here:
Jump to 39:30 to hear the Irene part (though the whole show is worth it and includes a review of Darwin Carmichael is going to Hell, which was drawn by past Irene contributor Sophie Goldstein). 
Also, we are a only a few sales away from being able to fund our next issue, which will debut at APE 2014. You can help us make the next issue happen by buying a copy of Irene here, (or here for Canadians). 
We have some great stuff lined up for Irene 5, so check back soon!
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Gabriele Di Fazio of Just Indie Comics gave a great review to Irene #4. Go read the nice things he said about us, or pick up a copy of the book here.

Buy Irene! People like it! You can buy it above or on my site!


3 color screen print. Drawings by DW separations by yours truly.
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